So much fun!

By PandyPuddingPie
Written August 01, 2015
What a blast to watch two of my fave films on the big screen and then the premiere of World's End which was FANTASTIC. Fans of British comedy will LOVE it.
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Such a fun trilogy

By christyaspinwall
Written August 23, 2013
These movies are great. They are super entertaining. The newest movie, World's End, gave me a strange feeling. I can't quite put my finger on what was the "problem." Perhaps the character of Gary bothered me. Perhaps it was the "preachy" vibe about technology. To be fair, I went into the theater not really knowing what to expect on the new film. I was definitely excited about it. All in all, it was a super fun evening seeing all three back to back. Hot Fuzz is still my favorite of the three. The theater, for some reason, did not have the screen "on" during the little shorts before the movies. We could hear the actors (?) talking about the film that was about to play but could not see it. That was annoying for everyone in the theater.
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Fantastic. Heartfelt. Epic.

By jcc721
Written November 26, 2015
I loved this film. The writing, cinematography, acting, and everything, frankly, were astoundingly good. It was really cool to see Nick Frost in the role of the most responsible character, and the ending was quite a surprise.
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Amazing movies

By Lord_Rae
Written August 23, 2013
The World's End is the perfect capstone for this trilogy and possibly the funniest of the 3. I really enjoyed seeing all three back to back and wish this wasn't just a one day thing as I think more people should have a chance to see all three like that.
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Had a great time!

By ceah705
Written August 23, 2013
I love the Edgar Wright movies, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are fantastic! They are fun movies that make you laugh, and there's nothing wrong with that. If you are looking for a philosophical movie that will make you think skip it, if you are looking for a bunch of funny movies that are silly and poke fun at people then these movies are for you. There is no need to be serious all the time. Keep up the good work guys!
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