Eddie Frierson

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Edie McClurg Frozen
2013 Ciarán Hinds Frozen
2012 John Goodman ParaNorman
2012 Elaine Stritch ParaNorman
2011 Brad Pitt Moneyball
2011 Arliss Howard Moneyball
2011 Philip Seymour Hoffman Moneyball
2010 Jean Smart Life as We Know It
2010 Josh Lucas Life as We Know It
2010 Mandy Moore Tangled
2010 Brad Garrett Tangled
2010 Laraine Newman Tangled
2010 Ron Perlman Tangled
2010 Jeffrey Tambor Tangled
2008 Tim Curry Fly Me to the Moon 3-D
2008 Christopher Lloyd Fly Me to the Moon 3-D
2008 Ed Begley, Jr. Fly Me to the Moon 3-D
2008 Kelly Ripa Fly Me to the Moon 3-D
2008 Adrienne Barbeau Fly Me to the Moon 3-D
2006 Courteney Cox Barnyard
2006 Danny Glover Barnyard
2006 Sam Elliott Barnyard
2006 Laraine Newman Barnyard
2006 Andie MacDowell Barnyard
2006 Wanda Sykes Barnyard
2006 Eugene Levy Curious George
2006 Drew Barrymore Curious George
2006 Clint Howard Curious George
2006 Joan Plowright Curious George
2006 Will Ferrell Curious George
2006 Dick Van Dyke Curious George
2006 Jim Belushi The Wild
2006 Eddie Izzard The Wild
2006 Janeane Garofalo The Wild
2006 Kiefer Sutherland The Wild
2006 Laraine Newman The Wild
2006 William Shatner The Wild
2006 Jason Connery The Wild
2001 Molly Shannon Osmosis Jones
2001 Chris Rock Osmosis Jones
2001 David Hyde Pierce Osmosis Jones
2001 Ron Howard Osmosis Jones
2001 Laurence Fishburne Osmosis Jones
2001 Bill Murray Osmosis Jones
2001 Joel Silver Osmosis Jones
2001 Chris Elliott Osmosis Jones
2001 William Shatner Osmosis Jones
1989 Kirsten Dunst Kiki's Delivery Service
1989 Matthew Lawrence Kiki's Delivery Service
1989 Janeane Garofalo Kiki's Delivery Service
1989 Debbie Reynolds Kiki's Delivery Service
1989 Edie McClurg Kiki's Delivery Service
1989 Phil Hartman Kiki's Delivery Service
1988 Tom Skerritt Cheers: Yacht of Fools
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