Easy Virtue

By Danland
Written June 22, 2009
by Declan Lyman Easy Virtue is a rip roaring "I'm back" from director Stephan Elliott, the mad genius behind "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert". After taking a nine year hiatus from directing after a near fatal skiing accident, Mr Elliott dives head first into Noel Coward and the result is pure cinematic eye and ear candy, and a must see for any true lovers of cinema. And just when you think you've figured out where the film is going...slap...it takes a completely different turn. The cast is perfection, with Kristin Scott Thomas and Colin Firth as standouts. Even Jessica Biel manages to shine (for once) in a role that she had to prove to the director that she could handle it. She has, like Mr Elliott, more than succeeded. Run to see Easy Virtue, you'll be dancing on a cloud all the way home after seeing this dream movie.
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You people!

By Vectrexer
Written December 21, 2009
How can this movie not be rated highly. Sure, it's a remake (like some many others). However, you'll find a film with excellent camera work, funny and engaging script. The only fault I found in Easy Virtue is the fact it took so long to make it to American shores. Similar to Bend It Like Beckham, Easy Virtue is already out as a DVD in the UK. Don't let fact dissuade you from going to the theater and you'll be rewarded with a movie filled with sarcastic humor in the way only the British can succeed. I give Easy Virtue a "Go" rating. But it is really closer to 4 1/2 stars if Fandango were to let me.
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Easy Virtue

By Maldini
Written June 02, 2009
If you like Noel Coward, you will love this movie -- extremely well acted and photographed. But if you like Noel Coward, you will not even be botherede with reading reviews. And if you are neutral about Noel, you will still like it, particularly if you can enjoy stories about dysfunctional, but funny, old English families with big estates. And the music is great.
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Not Very Easy Virtue

By Rich S
Written May 23, 2009
Screen version of Noel Coward play falls almost flat. Despite having its moments, the play suffers under the cuts and images delivered in the film version. Valiant attempts of most of the cast fail to convince that these people are either real or representative of actual human foibles. Billed as a comedy, which it wasn't despite a few qwerky English lines, it suffices to say that if you saw the trailers for this film, you heard all the humorous lines. The actors overplayed countryside indolence, incessant chain smoking and supposed English affect. The romantic pull of the story was overwhelmed by the actors' desire to show you their "character". Jessica Biel does pull it out of the fire in the closing scenes but by then the viewer doesn't care anylonger. Much more could have been done with the music, just playing a few Cole Porter songs off stage is for the stage, not the movies. Beautiful scenery and cinematography, interesting costumes and location couldn't make a movie out of the pl
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easy virtues

By gangleader
Written June 01, 2009
well done, enjoyable. 3 stars
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