not so great

By diet pepsi
Written January 26, 2012
i realy wanted to enjoy this movie and i tried to put all the dirty content behind me and let it slide but there was just so mutch wrong with this movie that i could not do that it was just filthy but i guess it was not all bad some of it was funny just not alot
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Emma Stone is the best....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written October 05, 2010
...part of what,to me,is a pretty lukewarm movie. She made the movie worth watching and I do not regret spending the time or money. BUT...otherwise,just not as funny as I thought it would be. There were great scenes with her parents,Clarkson and Tucci,two favorites of mine. Her initial romp with a kid needing her help to fake a 'roll in the hay' was pretty funny,but the rest was too scattered. Didn't feel an ounce of spark or romance with the 'love interest and didn't even see a need for that role';a very serious STD and marriage wrecking situation was totally out of place in this film; the group of Christian kids making life hard on Stone was too caricaturish for the rest of the school,or the movie for that matter. I wouldn't see it twice but,again,because of Stone,I enjoyed a single viewing.
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Easy A

By ashleycarrion
Written October 22, 2010
Definitely a laugh out loud movie. Even great for a date :)
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Five Word Review

By QBert2
Written September 27, 2010
ratpack wannabe she's not Demi
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Easy A easily gets a B

By swtcheri78
Written September 24, 2010
This movie had more than a few moments of utter hilarity. The movie seemed to pretty accurately depict how rumors spread & get twisted far far away from where they started. Olive's parents are the kind of parents I'd have liked to have, if my own weren't already pretty great. Open, honest, hilarious, and just a bit odd. Olive herself is a genuinely nice girl who can't seem to NOT help people with their most personal issues. It ruins her, and she takes it all in stride. Usually these teen movies are about having sex, drinking, and/or doing drugs and trying not to get caught. This movie is about trying to get caught while not actually doing it. Amanda Bynes did a good job as the overzealous religious girl. The movie is neither earthshattering or blockbuster material, but it wasn't meant to be. It was meant to be good. And it is. For it's PG-13 rating I thought was a perhaps too large amount of foul language that some parents may not want the
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