East Side Sushi Synopsis
This festival winning film and audience favorite introduces us to Juana, a determined single-mother in her quest to breakthrough the barriers of tradition and culture to pursue her dream of becoming a sushi chef.
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Pure Enjoyment

By swalker5801
It is so wonderful to see a film that is uplifting and inspiring. This film was made on a minuscule budget. My compliments to all involved in putting this delightful film together....

Ciluture can be shared - fantastic uplifting movie

By franloft
Do all sushi chefs have to be Asian men? Not in this wonderful movie about a young Hispanic woman who aspires to be a sushi chef. Tired of working behind the scenes in a sushi restaurant she works...

Beautiful, honest, feel good movie!

By NeoSquonk
I will admit upfront that I'm biased in my positive review of the movie. I live in Oakland, but for me this was the first movie that realistically portrays the Oakland that I live in. The characters...

Everything about this movie was great!

By amillerbacon
This was a completely enjoyable movie. The script was well written, the acting was superb, and the cinematography was great. Even the sound, which sometimes suffers outside of Hollywood, was...


By homegrownfilms
I watch ALOT of films and it's not everyday that a film stays with me long after I see it, but this one did. I'm so glad my wife convinced me to see it. It's a film that has no explosions, no car...

Great movie, loved it!!!

By oliveoil438

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Rated PG | For Brief Violence, Suggestive Content and Mild Language