Oh Viggo.

By Daydream
Written September 22, 2007
There is solid acting in this film. Viggo steals the movie with an amazing performance. Watts shows what shes got as well. This is a great Russian Mafia movie with scenes that make you move in your seat. Honestly, I wasnt a huge fan of Cassel in his role, but you cant always get what you want... I give it a go just for Viggo. He was amazing, as always.
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Mortensen and Watts makes a "Very" Eastern Promise!

By TotallyMovies
Written September 13, 2007
Just got out of the screening at the Arclight Hollywood. First of all, if you are a fan for Mortensen and Watts, it's a "must go". Interesting plot and can't really say to much being that the movie is only 100 minutes long, and you will wish it was longer. It is the climax that brings the title to Life. Non the less, Mortensen plays a perfect role in his part and Watts, the caring health care worker that goes way beyond outside the hospital setting, plays an over the top patient advocate. Again, like I mentioned, these are great actors that really make this movie interesting and come alive. Worth watching and for the females, you'll get more than you bargained for from Mortensen:).... It beats Kevin Bacon in "Wild Things!!!!
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Another mob flick to add to your collection.

By ForlornSky
Written December 15, 2008
The movie begins with an event that sparks the series of events that occur during the movie. The cast all did a great job on their parts. The story line was amazingly put together. It's a movie for anyone who loves the mob genre.
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A action movie without guns and explosions......IT WAS FANTASTIC

By BobbyDEE
Written October 11, 2007
I went to this movie having no real expectations, now be warned this movie is violent and a bit gritty but in that fact it is wonderful. Also once the movie ended I realized that there was no gunplay or explosions. Most action flicks these days are all about over the top heroes who can't be hurt while they fire unlimited ammo from their never failing weapons. The main character in this film had some close calls and I never felt he was a generic superhero very real. To sum up, a bit of reality in these movies was a refreshing change of pace.
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By leigh01
Written November 26, 2007
Wanted to like this film so much. Great cast, set in my home town of london, and a great director. The truth is the plot is extremely dark and depressing (14 year old rape victim who dies giving birth to the daughter of the Russian Mafia head Don-Ski and then a trail of death and distruction in an attempt to rub out all associated history), and the violence is ugly (a knife in the eye, fingers cut off by tweezers) and there is also some naked male wrestling with nads a kimbo. GoodFellas it isnt, and although its an interesting film i wouldn't rush to go see it on an empty stomach
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