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An architect (Charlton Heston) tries to rescue his wife (Ava Gardner) after an earthquake.
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By RobbieNomi
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"Earthquake" in Sensurround.

By ocandrew
I was only 11 when "Earthquake" came out. I saw it but not in a theatre equipped with Sensurround. Today, I finally saw it the way it was meant to be seen and loved it!...


By Norris123
What the film had going for it was the Surroundsound and A-Listers, as well as the campy lines such as "What the Hell do we do now?!" by the civil engineer as the LA dam is breaking. Actually,...


By sabatka1
We attended a screening of the 1974 Universal classic, "Earthquake" introduced by actress, Geneviève Bujold at the Egyptian theater which was fully setup with "Sensurround Sound" (Wow was it soooo...

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