EARTH - Amazing Extraordinary! GRADE: A

Written April 17, 2009
Wed. 4/15 - this evening I was privileged to attend the advance press preview of this 90 min beautifully captivating awesome movie by the same BBC crew that gave us PLANET EARTH. Real, surreal, breath-taking in scope, filled with wondrous spectacular sweeping vistas of our planet - this 'documentary' showcased our planet's rich diverse fauna and flora. It does more than traces '3 families' of animals across the globe, it introduces us to a variety of other fascinating creatures in various animal kingdoms of the land, air and sea. James Earl Jones provided the gravity necessary to anchor the narration of this movie - when necessary, solemn and at other times, poignantly humorous. EARTH is educational AND entertaining - a wonderful treat for eco-conscious nature-lovers and those who are environmentally-aware. VERDICT: WELL-DONE!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED uplifting movie. Family/kid-friendly. GREAT entertainment and educational value. Charming CUTE and comical cast. :-)
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A Gruesome Depression Fest

By meSpike
Written April 09, 2009
I saw an advance screening tonight and hated it. I thought it would be a happy movie filled with the happy parts of nature but the movie was mired in the gruesome reality of the circle of life. It was all about death, struggle, and hunters preying on baby animals. I would have walked out and demanded that my money be returned had I paid for the film. A "G" movie from Disney totally sends the wrong signal about this depressing film. This is just the Discovery Channel's "Planet Earth" rebranded (except Disney left in all the brutal scenes in all their slow-motion neck biting glory). Save your kids and your mood!
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Extraordinarily beautiful and thought-provoking

By KR Lennox
Written April 21, 2009
This movie is perfect. That might not be obvious in the first few minutes, but it is an example of the very best filmmaking and storytelling. With eloquent simplicity it tells the story of life, without preaching or harshness. The difficulty of nature on our planet, and its importance, is shown in beautifully filmed segments, and while the ordeals faced by our animal co-residents is clear, 'earth' neither glosses over, nor does it over dramatize [or traumatize] life's realities. Those cursed with short attention spans might think this movie bland. They are truly, and sadly, missing the point: the magnificence of the film, and of those with whom we SHARE this planet. For whom WE are responsible. We humans are the stewards of this planet, and it really is up to us to use our powers for good. This movie should empower you to realize the value of the extraordinary, wonderful, precious, and vulnerable creatures with whom we live.
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By mollydog4
Written February 08, 2009
Don't listen to oh no reviews if you love Earth than your goning to love this movie!
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I had anticipated this for weeks...but was let down big time!

By kellyu
Written May 05, 2009
I took my husband, 5 year old daughter, and almost 2 year old son on earth day to watch this movie. Well, the movie couldn't keep my son's interest (it moves very slow and there are lots of scenic scenes with no animals mixed in) BUT I assumed he wouldn't go for it...hey I tried. So my husband and son left. I realized about 10 minutes into it, that I had seen ALMOST ALL of these scenes before on the discovery channel. Literally, the same exact scenes with a new narrator... I was very annoyed. Why would I pay to see this on the big screen when I had already seen it for "free" at home??? Then my 5 year old animal lover who was so excited to see the movie....fell asleep in her chair. I couldn't believe it. nothing gets her to sleep! She is a crazy ball of energy and this movie sucked it out of her. What a bust. I only recommend this to adults or older children who have not seen the planet earth movies or anything on discovery channel....other than that...don't waste your time!
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