By emsterjonas
Written September 25, 2008
The movie was amazing, the robotic voice kinda killed it, but I thought it was outstanding!!! It was VERY SCARY FOR ME! I'm only 15 years old and I don't get scared real easily....but the preview even creeped me out! I went with my boyfriend and he was a little scared too lol but we both liked it. Thumbs up!
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Only a Global Positioning System could love...

By BillyNYC
Written October 02, 2008
"Eagle Eye" is a thriller only a Global Positioning System could love. I suppose if I weren't still using regional positioning systems (they're called "maps"), I might be more interested in all the cyber-techno-harum-scarum and the showy transitional sequences depicting a vast surveillance network as seen from space, or the outermost Google map perspective. The film's central idea is that our government's mania for Homeland Security-era privacy infringement has gotten so out of hand that everything in an ordinary citizen's life can be digitally surveyed, or overheard, and manipulated, via cellphone, security camera, GPS, ATM, everything. - Billy Amato (NYC) in IMAX. Go see it with a buddy, i took my good friend "LA", saw it in IMAX, i gave it "Must Go!" but it is really "Go", there is nothing better to see right now. (BillyNYC)
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best movie since dark knight.....

By thedarKnight
Written September 26, 2008
Great movie, much better than even the preview leads to....Shia and Michelle Monaghan are great leads, with very good on screen chemistry. The movie starts with wonderful ground work and moves quickly from there developing each character through the movie. The development of these characters makes you care for them, and what happens to them. This movie also keeps you in constant suspense, and not only in the action scenes. What is this voice? How do they exhibit this much control on the environment around our characters?? What are the 2 leads purposes? Sub plots come together for the apex of the movie when it plays out, and this movie does not disappoint. Typical Steven Speilberg influenced movie with crazy but wonderfully done action. You will not be let down by Eagle Eye, go and see it.
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written August 27, 2009
Eye popping, intense, insane action
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Very Enjoyable

By jdlester13
Written October 31, 2008
Going into this movie I did not expect much, but I had nothing better to do on a Thursday afternoon. This action packed thriller also included a mysterious plot and a good story line. All in all I would give a four out of five rating, and would recommend it to anyone who was wavering on the decision to go see this movie.
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