my IMAX experience....

By zootsuit711
Written October 08, 2008
I didn't have an IMAX experience!! I was in a car accident and unable to make the show. And because FANDANGO does not offer exchanges or refunds... I lost over $30. I will NEVER make the mistake of buying tickets in advance again! There! How do you like that review?!
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Shia Lebouf On The Uprise

By xdaxansw3rx
Written October 19, 2008
The movie was very compelling and fascinating on a variety of levels. It contained a little bit of drama here, and then a tad bit of comdedy there. The action element of the film is something that I pretty much do not have to talk about, due to the fact that it was continuosly advertised to the masses on televisions, websites, and etc. Enough of the oscar like review session, to get down to the bottom of what I am trying to say--the movie was great--is that the movie was exciting and Lebouf is definitely fine tuning is craft at a very fast speed. Go watch it if you like action guys. Chics can watch it too because it has that dreary lovey dovey element to it. Therefore, both women and men will enjoy the movie, to fit the stereotype of society, while at the same time laugh tremoundously at the witty comments delievered by LeBouf and his fellow counterparts.
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Thrilling and well done

By Moviedude
Written September 29, 2008
The movie rocked, t was thrilling and well made, and even better in IMAX. See it there if you can. Must-See
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Eagle Eye

By stelesco2
Written October 02, 2008
The movie was great. Even better in IMAX!!!
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By jhinho
Written September 30, 2008
Very well thought out movie. best movie of my life. like ocean's eleven x 1000
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