Amzing movie, really recomend it

By RobertSmalls
Written February 15, 2011
Didn't know any of the actors when I saw it, but I will be looking for more work from Channing Tatum. This movie was awesome, you can watch it at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] . cóm
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The Eagle Has REALLY Landed!

By chubtom
Written February 12, 2011
First day film out viewer comments: After readng the "Oh No" ratings by people who had not yet seen the film I wondered what was wrong with previews or advance buzz. Now I have seen The Eagle, I not only say "must go!" but will be returnin at least once a will buy the DVD. Channing Tatum's performance was a knockout (literally as well as professinally). Jamie Bell could not have been more perfect in his supportingl. The script and directing was over the top. It's a treat to see exciting action blended effectively with a great storyline. Sure, there's battle brutality accurately portraying what happened around 140 AD. Have kids? Get a sittler when you go. There is a definite and welcome anti-war message here along with a rational defeat of racial bigotry when Marcus sets slave Enso free. The views of northern Scotland are impressive, beautifully captured by outstanding cinematography. See this flick, at least once.
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Well done movie!

By covebynite
Written February 12, 2011
This movie had action and drama as well as it was heart warming. It was a well put together movie. The main actors were very good.
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great movie!!!

By hernandezsusie
Written February 11, 2011
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Cast like a Romance, but Not Written like One - Mistake

By Cinespector
Written May 05, 2012
The movie was enjoyable to me. I did buy it when it came out of theaters, but I’ll admit that it wasn’t for the class A acting or writing that I did it. I would still recommend the movie, especially to anyone interested in early British history or that time period. I would also recommend the movie to any fanfic writers, because Marcus and Esca were about six inches from kissing twice in the film and that kind of thing is fodder for fandom. The costumes department should be given something like an Oscar. There were lots of notable actors in the film who all did their best with what they were given, but the film was definitely lacking something. After all the hype of honor, what's next? Also missing from this film is just about any female presence. There is so much testosterone and not enough action. It was cast like a romance but not written like one, but everything would have made more since if the two leads were in love. 6/10 For a longer review find Cinespector on WordPress.
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