By myannacone
Written October 05, 2007
What a wonderful treat to see a movie like E.T. again on the big screen.
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By Huba
Written September 22, 2008
Only Spielberg could have made this. It stands the tests of time.
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By dntjohnson
Written October 13, 2007
This was such a nostalgic movie for me because I saw it in the theatre when I was 12 and I was able to share it with my 6 year old daughter. For her to experience it on the big screen was a thrill.
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By sp3kdsofl
Written October 25, 2007
What a great flashback. I remember seeing this movie when I was 13 and it was great to take my 11 year old son to see it. It's so different seeing it in the theater versus on a TV set. THANK YOU REGAL!
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Classic for a reason

By redyeah
Written August 16, 2009
Speilburg's best alien film is the one with the best acting perfomances. For a young boy to share almost the entire film with an alien puppet is a great task. But this film took that and made something to be cherished. This movie is amazing and always will be to me. Such character development and story telling is rarely this well done. And unfortunately, movies are not made to this caliber as much. Classic film from a classic film personality.
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