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Dysfunctional Friends

By pwoote13
Written February 07, 2012
The movie,cast and writing was Great!!!! Christian Keyes played a wonderful comedic role his timing was impeccable!!!! I would love to see more from Corey Grant. This movie is a must see, it will having you laughing out off of your seat!!!!
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Dysfunctional Friends is a Functional Must See

By Allen Duke
Written March 24, 2012
Dysfunctional friends is a character driven story involving several friends coming together around the death of one of their dear friends. In order to receive inheritance from his will, they must all live together under the same roof for five days which is more of a task then you might think. I enjoyed watching this movie cycling between each characters emotional stories and the films comedic element which led for an enjoyable, fun filled night of laughter, sorrow, and rebound all in less than two hours. It gets a thumbs up for me and I would encourage all to check it out and go see.
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By gchard
Written February 06, 2012
I didn't know much about this film and that was a good thing because it was a pleasant surprise. A group of college friends are reunited by a death and their lives must be accounted for before they can leave. We need more of these film in the market and less of the shaky camera horror and vampire sex films. A movie about something important like this is the ticket.
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By deashley
Written February 06, 2012
I laughed the entire time! I'm 32 so I dig the "old college buddies" story line but on top of that, Christian Keys was HILARIOUS, Hosea Chanchez was HILAIROUS, Regan Gomez was HILARIOUS! Tatyana Ali, Stacey Dash, Vanessa Simmons, Megan Good, were as BEAUTIFUL as ever! This is a funny and at times touching story about human beings, and its very refreshing to have another voice out there telling stories with black casts! GREAT JOB!
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Don't waste your time.

By uleij
Written June 30, 2012
Extremely slow and boring. Not funny nor entertaining. I felt sorry for some good actors/actresses in this movie while watching it.
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