Dysfunctional Friends Synopsis
Nine estranged pals have to spend a weekend in an estate owned by their deceased friend.
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Dysfunctional Friends

By pwoote13
The movie,cast and writing was Great!!!! Christian Keyes played a wonderful comedic role his timing was impeccable!!!! I would love to see more from Corey Grant. This movie is a must see, it will...

Dysfunctional Friends is a Functional Must See

By Allen Duke
Dysfunctional friends is a character driven story involving several friends coming together around the death of one of their dear friends. In order to receive inheritance from his will, they must...


By deashley
I laughed the entire time! I'm 32 so I dig the "old college buddies" story line but on top of that, Christian Keys was HILARIOUS, Hosea Chanchez was HILAIROUS, Regan Gomez was HILARIOUS! Tatyana Ali,...


By gchard
I didn't know much about this film and that was a good thing because it was a pleasant surprise. A group of college friends are reunited by a death and their lives must be accounted for before they...

Don't waste your time.

By uleij
Extremely slow and boring. Not funny nor entertaining. I felt sorry for some good actors/actresses in this movie while watching it....