DUPLICITY - Unremarkable. GRADE: C

Written March 17, 2009
Last night I attended the advance press preview of this messy convoluted 2hr 5min PG-13 movie by director Tony Gilroy. I had expected DUPLICITY to be on par with the Ocean's movies but it was not even close - mainly due to the predictable BORING plot - sub-standard directing and choppy editing. Alas, not even Clive Owen nor Julia Roberts could save this insipid movie from its downward spiral. If I did not have company I would have walked out within the first 30 mins. The saving grace - a few tense scenes of extreme suspense. Production values - marginally above average. ....perhaps some other avid movie-goers would be less critical - but I was underwhelmed and disappointed with this movie's mediocrity. VERDICT: Wait for the DVD. I'm glad I did not waste $$$ to see it. Not Julia Roberts best performance although Clive Owen's performance was better.
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PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE : A good movie but not a great movie !!!

By Dark_Chameleon
Written March 20, 2009
I expected this to be a great movie, Julia Roberts usually delivers great movies and Clive Owens did a good job in 'International' but this was not an ' on your toes, kind of movie that spy/undercover movies are expected to be. True there isn't nudity or even violence which may lose some viewers and attract others but it tried to get the excitment levels raised and if that was the main case it failed totally. The relationship between Julia and Clive did work out but scenes and script didnt gell with the characters, it is worth going to see but oceans 13 this is not. Grade: B- (sorry Julia)
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By sole63
Written March 23, 2009
My wife and I left the theater a bit confused. The flashbacks and slow pace of the movie were distracting. The ending was not very satisfying. Don't know if we would recommend this movie to others.
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If ur a dumb person u will not get this movie

By CharRedComet
Written March 28, 2009
I have always been a fan of clive and julia, this movie was a must for me, but when i came to this site and read some of the horrible reviews some people left, i was stunned. After seeing the movie, i now know why people keep saying the movie is confusing, if ur a dumb idiot and not a very intellectual person then this is not the movie for u. If u have any smarts, then u wil love this movies loops, mind games, and plot. Great movie, people dont talk trash and give bad reviews to a movie, just because your infant minds cannot grasp the complex plot! Intellectuals, this is the movie for you! GO SEE IT! A++++++
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By MomMovie
Written April 14, 2009
I thought this was a clever movie. I expected it to be another "Mr Smith Mrs. Smith" movie, but far from it. It was an intelligent plot and had a nice surprise ending. Really believable.
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