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Two corporate spies (Julia Roberts, Clive Owen) become embroiled in a clandestine love affair.
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DUPLICITY - Unremarkable. GRADE: C

Last night I attended the advance press preview of this messy convoluted 2hr 5min PG-13 movie by director Tony Gilroy. I had expected DUPLICITY to be on par with the Ocean's movies but it was not...

PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE : A good movie but not a great movie !!!

By Dark_Chameleon
I expected this to be a great movie, Julia Roberts usually delivers great movies and Clive Owens did a good job in 'International' but this was not an ' on your toes, kind of movie that spy/undercover...


By sole63
My wife and I left the theater a bit confused. The flashbacks and slow pace of the movie were distracting. The ending was not very satisfying. Don't know if we would recommend this movie to others....

If ur a dumb person u will not get this movie

By CharRedComet
I have always been a fan of clive and julia, this movie was a must for me, but when i came to this site and read some of the horrible reviews some people left, i was stunned. After seeing the...


By MomMovie
I thought this was a clever movie. I expected it to be another "Mr Smith Mrs. Smith" movie, but far from it. It was an intelligent plot and had a nice surprise ending. Really believable....

Not enough romance, not enough action, not enough intrigue . . . just not enough

By lawgrad07
After looking forward to seeing this movie for weeks I was disappointed. I didn't buy the relationship between Julia's and Clive's characters (which I think is important to accepting the premise of...


By George_Duff
The movie was pretty good--the acting was good--but you had to pay close attention to the action at all times. I kept watching for a "boffo" ending, but I thought it fell kind of flat after all...


By toonm23
No really, I fell asleep. Woke up and the same thing was going on - don't see this at the later time - unless you need help falling asleep....

Loved it!

By burkebunch2@msn.com
I loved the chemistry between Julia Roberts and Clive Owens, they heated up the screen. I also loved the plot and the adventure along the way. Very well done, very entertaining, and fun....

Funny With A Plot Too

By kmnelson52
I thought "Duplicity" was a cleverly done movie. A lot of critics have complained about plot twists and flashbacks, but they're what makes the movie so clever. Julia Roberts was sexy and funny,...

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Rated PG-13 | For language and some sexual content
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Common Sense Media says Clever, complex romantic thriller is too twisty for tweens.
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