Duke Hobbie

Worked With

Year Name Title
1969 Gregory Peck MacKenna's Gold
1969 Anthony Quayle MacKenna's Gold
1969 Julie Newmar MacKenna's Gold
1969 Telly Savalas MacKenna's Gold
1969 Raymond Massey MacKenna's Gold
1969 Burgess Meredith MacKenna's Gold
1969 Keenan Wynn MacKenna's Gold
1969 Edward G. Robinson MacKenna's Gold
1969 Omar Sharif MacKenna's Gold
1969 Camilla Sparv MacKenna's Gold
1969 Eduardo Ciannelli MacKenna's Gold
1969 Lee J. Cobb MacKenna's Gold
1969 Eli Wallach MacKenna's Gold
1969 Ted Cassidy MacKenna's Gold
1969 Victor Jory MacKenna's Gold
1969 Scott Brady Marooned
1969 Richard Crenna Marooned
1969 James Franciscus Marooned
1969 Lee Grant Marooned
1969 George Gaynes Marooned
1969 Gregory Peck Marooned
1969 Gene Hackman Marooned
1969 David Janssen Marooned
1969 Mariette Hartley Marooned
1969 Gary Lockwood The Model Shop
1969 Anouk Aimée The Model Shop
1969 Fred Willard The Model Shop
1968 Milton Berle For Singles Only
1967 Paul Stewart In Cold Blood
1967 John Forsythe In Cold Blood
1967 Gerald O'Loughlin In Cold Blood
1967 Raymond Hatton In Cold Blood
1967 Charles McGraw In Cold Blood
1967 Jeff Corey In Cold Blood
1967 Robert Blake In Cold Blood
1967 Scott Wilson In Cold Blood
1967 James Flavin In Cold Blood
1967 Glenn Ford A Time for Killing
1967 Timothy Carey A Time for Killing
1967 Harrison Ford A Time for Killing
1967 Kenneth Tobey A Time for Killing
1967 Harry Dean Stanton A Time for Killing
1967 Michael Parks A Time for Killing
1967 George Hamilton A Time for Killing
1967 Dick Miller A Time for Killing
1967 George C. Scott A Time for Killing
1966 Richard Widmark Alvarez Kelly
1966 Janice Rule Alvarez Kelly
1966 Richard Rust Alvarez Kelly
1966 Patrick O'Neal Alvarez Kelly
1966 Don "Red" Barry Alvarez Kelly
1966 Harry Carey, Jr. Alvarez Kelly
1966 William Holden Alvarez Kelly
1965 Jay C. Flippen Cat Ballou
1965 Stubby Kaye Cat Ballou
1965 Lee Marvin Cat Ballou
1965 Jane Fonda Cat Ballou
1965 Nick Cravat Cat Ballou
1965 Michael Callan Cat Ballou
1965 Bruce Cabot Cat Ballou
1965 Chuck Roberson Cat Ballou
1965 Reginald Denny Cat Ballou
1965 Charles Wagenheim Cat Ballou
1965 Charles Horvath Cat Ballou
1965 John Marley Cat Ballou
1965 Dwayne Hickman Cat Ballou
1965 Arthur Hunnicutt Cat Ballou
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