By KDBolejack
Written July 02, 2016
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Due Date; A road trip filled with heart

By bigsister18
Written November 05, 2010
Due date is a movie that focuses more on emotion than cheap humor. There are the occasional risque jokes that leave the audience smiling, but the movie as a whole revolves around the emotional connections of the characters and the bond they create with the viewer. Zach galafanakis and Robert Downey Juniors' performances are exceptional. the chemistry they share is undiniable and admiriable. The lovable but dorky Galfanakis is equilized by the serious angry tone of Downey's character. At times the movie loses it's thunder with scenes that seem a little rushed but overall the movie is great. It's nice to see a comedy that has a purpose and moral rather than cheap sex jokes. Due Date delievers on all fronts. Emotion, drama, and comedy. Two thumbs up.
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due date review

By gypsycat1353
Written November 08, 2010
hilarious! laughed out loud--downey is always great but zach just about stole the show--nuts but loveable at the same time. would see it again!
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Not The Hangover, but close.

By KoRnSlayer
Written November 07, 2010
I like that Zach's character is pretty much the same. He plays it great. And Robert brings out his funny too. The setiting was great I think. And this could be a realistic story. Maybe not every detail but close. The camera work and acting was excellent. Like The hangover and Old school, this isn't for kids, everyone that liked those two movies will like this one too. I disliked two things, but I can't say because that would give something away. This definetely one of the Best road trip movies. And the story isn't so cut and dry as you would think. You're kept guessing whats gonna happen next. And it was a little action packed. It's not a action comedy but there was some action. And to top it off there were a couple of good cameos. I wont say who, but they were funny. I would give this movie a 9 out of 10. Very worth the money to see it. Definetely a classic. So I say must go. If you haven't seen it go now.You will not be dissapponted, Hot tub time machine: still #1 for this year.
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Please read before watching! It might save you $20..

By kiyomiki509
Written November 07, 2010
Honestly, I'm going to tell it like it is. I went into this movie with an open mind despite the bad reviews and it is just as the critics say. Robert Downey and Zach both did a great job playing their characters but this was truly as predictable as any cross country comedy can get. Jamie's role was a little disappointing as he didn't add to the comedy at all. The jokes were in there but they weren't developed nearly enough to leave a lasting impression. I'd advise for folks to wait for the DVD if you truly want to see it but this is no "Hangover". HOWEVER, Sonny (the dog) is pretty darn cute.
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