Thing of Beauty

By next one
Written August 24, 2007
It’s the year 2009 and the city of Los Angeles -- along with the rest of the nation (now under the presidential power of Jeb Bush) has lost its social services, social graces, public parks, and common sense. Philip Baker Hall plays a widower who, having outlived his family and friends, now finds himself without a home… But -- he does have a duck, and together they travel the city in search of water and meaning in the desert that is L.A. DUCK is a sad-funny story of hope and survival set in our as-of-yet avertable future. Provocative, insightful, subversive, sublime, here is a character piece about two unlikely heroes who find purpose, redemption, and grace – proving, in rather surreal and ingenious fashion, that there’s nothing common about decency, nor the survival of the humane. Must go. And, be involved.
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