Drunk Wedding Synopsis
Jon and Elissa planned a grand “destination” wedding. To make it even more special they gave camcorders to all their guests, including their 12 closest friends. What they ended up with was a hilarious and unbelievable record.

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By mariemathews
I saw this movie at a sneak peek and it's HYSTERICAL! I needed a good laugh and it certainly delivers, as it kept my attention and laughter the whole fun ride. If you like "Bridesmaids" &...

Drunk wedding is ass

By Wild7eagle
This movie is ass. I would rather repetitively do Anal than ever attempt to watch this movie again. Honestly my dad chose it and I knew it was gonna be a piece of **** when every actor in the movie...

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Rated R | For Strong Sexual Content, Crude Behavior, Some Drug Use and Language Throughout