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It's Ok, Not Great

By ghostriderfan
Written February 28, 2011
I saw this film in 3D here's my take on it. I grew up with films from the 70's like this ala Grindhouse style. Now with that being said don't go into this film looking for a compelling story because there isn't, it's basically balls to the wall action Nic Cage's performance didn't blow me away however it's cool especially the gunfight scene (those who have seen the movie know what I'm talking about) Amber Heard, well her character is very annoying but she is basic eye candy. William Fincher had all of the best dialouge in the film, you are not sure if you are going love him or hate him but his performance is worth it. Now for my review on the 3D for a film like this it's better in 2D some of the 3D stuff was cool but a film like this is better suited in 2D. This is definately a guys movie, but if you don't want to sit through the kiddie movies and artsy-fartsy films then check this out if not wait for DVD. Five words to describe this movie: Boobs, Broads, Guns, Cars, & Bullets.
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By rawvibes
Written March 04, 2011
Imagine seeing all the suffering on earth and not being able to do anything about it. This is hell. Especially if you’re John Milton (Nicolas Cage). When John died his 16 year old daughter hung around the wrong people and she ended up in a cult. Later she married a Hippie tree hugging husband and they both had a baby girl. In comes Jonah King (Billy Burke) who steals her baby, and executes the couple in cold blood. John saw all this from hell and he breaks out of the underworld in a 1964 Buick Riviera. Not far behind comes the accountant from hell (William Fichtner) to bring Mr Milton back. Jonah King’s plan is to sacrifice the baby at the next full moon to open the gates hell. John meets up with a waitress (Amber Heard) and they both run off to save his daughter. I liked it. Look it’s a plate of steaks. Nothing fancy just meat. A A.D.D movie. Straight up shoot 'em up movie. 4 out 5 stars
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Nudity claims

By Cemmerich
Written October 25, 2011
To all the people claiming there is too much nudity. You are the example of how messed up our morals are in America. A movie that contains 50 plus murders (beheadings, linens blown off and much more). And you say the nudity was excessive?! I counted 5 women's breasts in this movie. Murdering of 50 people or 5 sets or human breasts. Yeah, you have your priorities straight! P.s. pretty good movie. Not a great plot and more Violence than was needed.
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NO way!! What is the definition of TRASH..

By daughtersFATHER
Written March 05, 2011
This movie had some energy no doubt... yet for the sake of the VERY CRUDE language and unwarranted nudity.... it's really no more than TRASH. No wonder people act and talk as they do anymore . If it were without the flippin POTTYmouth crap... it would've been a decent flick. But I would NOT recommend you bring ANY child that you hope can present themselves with dignity and self respect as an adult. It could actually pass as an X-rated film for a couple of scenes AND the potty mouths. I would have to say it's disgusting to watch a beautiful young actress be subject to this.
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drv angry

By jeffreypell
Written February 28, 2011
Not Cages better work. story was weak, cars were hot.
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