Very good movie, kept me interested the whole time

By RobertMain
Written February 25, 2011
ncolas Cage delivers again, this movie is fantastic. The man can play any role, even an escapey from hell. Its avaiable at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] .** if you havent seen
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Drive Angry 3D Review

By Derrick Deane
Written February 11, 2011
Bullets, blood and boobs in 3D. I was a bit leary about watching this given that it's directed by the guy who made, "My Bloody Valentine," but "Drive Angry" is a pretty kick-***Grindhouse-type movie in pretty decent 3D. Granted it's not great but it's certainly not as bad as I thought it might be. Nicolas Cage plays it pretty even keel, kind of like The Bride from "Kill Bill" while Amber Heard, well, Amber Heard. :-) William Fichtner is freakin' hilarious as well and David Morse makes a nice cameo. Overall, an OK movie. I wouldn't pay the 3D price for it though.
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By virtuoussandra
Written March 07, 2011
Very action packed!!! I di a lot of ducking and loud gasping due to the 3D effect. I liked the movie a lot.
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drive away angry

By clareee_mac
Written February 26, 2011
Awful movie. Who keeps giving Nicholas cage work? Stop, please.
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Drive Angry 3d

By playsprite
Written March 16, 2011
Awesome movie. Fun storyline, good action. Good use of 3d effects
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