Stylish, but brutal

By entropicangel42
Written January 02, 2012
Ryan Gosling takes his strong, silent-type style to the extreme here, as a Hollywood stunt car driver who moonlights as a getaway driver. This movie oozes style, and it's only minus is the sudden and brutal violent turn it takes partway through.
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All Stly and No Substance

By Caterjillar
Written November 04, 2011
To be fair, this is a movie that looks very good. And if you like the '80s, you will love the soundtrack. However, this movie is just incredibly boring. If you have seen any amount of movies at all in your lifetime, and have a decent pattern-recognition ability, you'll know all too well who these characters are, and where they're going to end. My biggest problem with this movie is that every single shot (alright, that may be an overstatement) can be found in another movie - Nolan's Batman movies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Grease, Taxi Driver (just for example) - but in a clearly obvious way (and it has to be obvious because I'm generally not clever enough to catch those things). This reads as more pretentious to me than clever film-making because they don't actually read as nods to other movies, they read as direct copies. Their inclusion in this movie does nothing to elevate either this movie, or the original they were in. Also, it's not noir, so stop saying that it is.
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A Driven Film

By leave_me_be
Written October 01, 2011
I went in expecting driving and got drive. Gosling's determination throughout is extremely powerful; only surpassed by the intensity of the relationships in the film. The music is subtly intense, very moving and perfectly timed. It reminded me of Heat, with less dialogue and action. Still, it left me with an equally emotional response by the end.
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By rkrovere
Written September 17, 2011
This movie is my favorite so far this year. Very intense, bloody, and full of surprises. Wonderful performances from the entire cast, and an extremely memorable role for Ryan Gosling. You don't want to miss this one!
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Slowest movie ever!

By kandkr1
Written September 24, 2011
I am a huge fan of action movies but this one did not fill the ticket. This movie really could have been cut down by nearly 20 minutes just by taking out some of the long awkward pauses and the 80's theme music that runs almost the entire length of the film. For the movie to be named Drive it really lacked any major sequences that would prompt me to want to see this movie ever again. When my wife and I got up at the end of the film we both agreed that we would never get that two hours of our lives back again and that we could have made a much better use of our time taking a nap. Thumbs down! The only redeeming factor of our trip to see this movie is that we did not pay out of our own pockets for it, we used a Fandango gift card we received from a friend.
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