Had some good laughs

By Southernredhead
Written March 28, 2008
I took my 12 year old to see this on a mommy/son night out. It is rated PG 13, so I thought it would be ok. Overall, it is ok for that age group, but there are a couple of parts, one in particular where Owen's naked behind is shown for all to see, that to me were a little questionable. The language is tolerable, but there are some mild curse words. It was good for regular giggles and short laughs-not hilarious, but light and funny enough to lighten your mood if you just needed a good laugh. On a scale of one to ten, I'd give it a 7.
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" DRILLBIT TAYLOR is unfunny and just plain stupid!"

By avigil
Written March 19, 2008
An excerpt from my original review: Not only was that (Superbad) film over-the-top funny, but it had that rare feat of having a heart and soul, and was one of the best adolescent films of recent years where as Rogen's and Apatow's new film, needs so much life resuscitated into it, it's basically dead on arrival. It's not entirely their fault; director Steven Brill has a knack for really bad comedies (Without A Paddle, Little Nicky and Mr. Deeds) which audiences have smartly stayed away from. Drillbit Taylor joins this dreadful list.
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The whole family laughed out loud!

By Mom-with-teenagers
Written March 22, 2008
We went opening night and only went because we'd already seen every other movie we'd want to see; and ended up loving it! Great entertainment for 2 48 year old parents and 2 teenaged daughters! We were laughing, giggling, and slapping eachother for the entire movie! Owen Wilson is a true gem, and that weight challenged kid....priceless! If you like to laugh, check it out!
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Good for fathers and sons

By Escapist_Man
Written April 09, 2008
I took my two tween and teen sons to this and we all enjoyed it immensely. Nothing so original here. I even agree with another reviewer who compared it to SuperBad. Except that movie was in no way appropriate for young teens and was very uneven. This Drillbit Taylor was consistently entertaining and fairly PG throughout its short running length. No gratuitous nudity. Not much swearing. Just boys learning to grow up with the aid of a man who is at first a schemer and then a friend. What kid hasn't faced a bully and wished he or she could hire a bodyguard?
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By austin364
Written April 12, 2008
this movie was the BEST MOVIE EVER
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