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Futuristic butt'kick'n fun ol' school style

By zerocrossing
Written January 27, 2015
This is by no means a great movie... possibly not even a good movie. However, it is a fun movie. They didn't make the mistake of putting a ton of back story in. It's an hour and a half long, which is the exact length an action movie should be. So, if you're the type that wants an hour of Judge Dredd backstory and a touching tale of how his cold heart melted when he met the right woman... move on, this movie is not for you. If you want to see a guy in a dorky helmet and body armor yell crazy configurations into his gun and then blow sh!t up and set thugs on fire, you will love this movie.
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One of the best Comic Adaptations and best action films this year!

By ars198614
Written May 25, 2015
This film is a love letter to the comic fans of Judge Dredd and it does so by keeping the character true to his comic roots with no need to give him any B.S humanizing to him. Karl Urban does a wonderful job of bringing Dredd to life by having the hard job of expressing his face with a helmet on and he does it with greatness. The film feels like a love letter to R rated 80's action films ala Robocop where the story is simple but the action is brutal and violent which is a great thing, since not every film needs an overly complicated story this film was simple and sweet. The Slo Mo scenes were well used to the point where it made all the carnage look like art or straight from a comic! If there was a film you need to see this weekend or if you miss old school brutal action films then go see DREDD it will leave you wanting more!
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By blackjackjester
Written August 03, 2015
Clocking in at the perfect length for a mindless action-fest, Dredd delivers on every gruesome promise, without apologetically trying to explain every detail of it's dystopian future.
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Dredd-Must See

By Nemezez
Written September 03, 2015
This is what the movie should have been! It sticks to the original graphic novel and takes away any limits, hence the R rating. I'll be seeing it again and buying the DVD!
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By Movie_Buff_86
Written September 22, 2012
Go see it! It was a great movie and i really enjoyed spending two hours watching this flick. I love the whole futurastic theme to it, and it had plenty of high flying action to keep everyone entertained. Karl Urban plays the one and only judge Dredd, and he did not dissapoint. If you enjoyed the original, you will love this one. Dredd and his new partner in crime must battle a ruthless woman who is hell bent on taking over the city with a new mind altering drug. Dredd will not stop for anyone, and will do everything in his power to take this woman down. Go check it out, one of the best movies i have seen. Fans of "Total Recall" will love "Dredd" !!!! Fun times for all. Not for kids with all the blood and language.
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