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Honestly... It was amazing!

By Yuk1soN
Written October 07, 2012
I went to see Looper instead of Dredd, which proved to be a big mistake. Dredd was absolutely brilliant! Admittedly, while it may not be the ideal movie for a date, I was thoroughly impressed with the film's simplicity and directness, because it actually worked... Not to mention the fantastic costumes and effects. I was just loving those "slo-mo" shoot out scenes, and I also really appreciated the modern soundtrack, it was banging and went well with the action.
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By R3ddm1st
Written September 23, 2012
Movie is worth seeing, but you should know what to expect. It is an action shoot em up movie with very very cool special effects, I saw it in 2D but it is obvious it was filmed for 3d. Slow motion scenes are awesome.
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Solid Action Movie

By Character_Count
Written September 27, 2012
I don't know anything about comics. I do know Dredd has everything an action movie should have without any of the artsy angst that gets in the way for many shoot-em-up flicks, and yet the story elements are solid and relevant for people who care about backstory. I definitely recommend this for action movie fans.
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This is an extremely good/intense action movie

By perfectunion_2005
Written September 28, 2012
Like I said, this movie succeeds in what in sets out to do. It's not meant to be some complicated thriller that aims to make you think a lot. It's a straight up, in your face action movie loaded with tons of action and violence/explosions/imaginative ways to destroy the bad guys. The plot is fairly simple, the beginning of the movie has a couple dragging moments but doesn't detract from the movie because these moments are basically background and explaining the plot. Anyway, Karl Urban is superb as Dredd and his psychic sidekick Judge humanizes and even adds to the story some. The villain is one of the most evil people I've seen in a movie for quite some time. Yes, there are some extremely gorey scenes but this movie is fueled by the good guys killing the bad guys and it's rated R (so that should say something). Bottom line: This movie deserves more credit than the critics give it and I loved it. A bit of a cross between Robocop and Diehard with a uniqueness of it's own.
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Not for everyone..

By FrenchFlies
Written September 24, 2012
...But for those that enjoy the gritty splatter comics from the 80's and 90's you MUST see this movie. The overall tone and visual style is awesome. The plot is honest and doesn't pretend to be anything more than it is. It's a fun movie for those enjoy things on the darker, grittier and more visceral side of the fence.
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