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Doodle + a review!

By tomcharles90
Written October 23, 2014
I'm trying something a bit different to the other reviewers out there: a pithy review + a doodle! I've got a few up so far, including one of the unfairly overlooked 'Dredd'. If you're interested hunt me down on: @SketchyReviews on twitter. Thoughts/ruminations/random (ideally uncouth) comments, are welcome.
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By mosdef10
Written September 29, 2012
Much better than that steaming piece of crap from '95. Go to this movie expecting one thing, gore and endless violence. All the punks complaining about the lack of a plot deserve a swift kick in the junk. Go watch some girlie romance movie.
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Boring and creepy

By basketballbodeman
Written September 24, 2012
The whole movie is the same thing over and over it seems that every scene is essentially the same. Also some of the scenes are down right disturbing. Slow motion scenes are poorly timed. I am usually intruiged by the futuristic society movies but this doesnt have much to do with society it is all about one group and destroying them.
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Dredd-full Fun

By housewench
Written September 24, 2012
This was a fun Friday night date movie with my action-movie loving husband. The movie opened and quickly established the world that we were about to enter- an America where law-enforcement is also the judge and executioner if warranted. Happily, our lead character, Judge Dredd, was really cute. He's a manly man, obviously well muscled under his tightly fitting armor uniform, with a strong chin and mouth which are the only parts of his face that we can ever see. It's amazing how emotive that half face can be. I'm not usually a big fan of car chases or that type of thing, but the motorcycle pursuit of "bad guys "was exciting. Weird! The special effects were super gross, and the moviemakers had an obsession with gooshy boneless bags of goo that were former people. Not for the squeamish. I found this movie to be very entertaining, and I left the theater happy that I had spent the extra money for the 3-D.
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By thedoctor777
Written September 24, 2014
This is indeed a violent and bloody film. It's way over the top in graphic detailed killing scenes. However, I thought that the slow-motion scenes were excellent. The special effects were good (not great) and the acting was also only good, not great. The story line was very good and the film actually had a good plot. Because of the fact that the screenplay writer provided an excellent script,the director was able to follow it and do a fine job of direction in the film. If you are the least bit queasy then DO NOT go to this one, nor rent it when comes out on DVD. I gave it a so/so review because of excessive use of the F word and the over the top graphic killing sequences.
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