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Enjoyable Future Cop Story

By Mousedancing
Written September 30, 2012
After reading how this movie got cheated on Reddit, we went to see it. I agree that the marketing didn't do the movie any favors, it's much, much better than you would expect. A really interesting storyline and engaging characters. It is a bit slow in a few parts, where you wish the action would go a bit faster, but overall solid, action packed, and great story.
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Judge Dredd delivers!

By fatmooze
Written September 29, 2012
Well let me begin with ladies, the weak of heart and those who really don't like action with lots of gore this movie IS NOT FOR YOU. This is one of the most male friendly movies I have seen in a long time. This movie is full of action and totally unbiased violent gore!! For a man this is a must see Saturday afternoon I want to get my mind blown with some visual effects type of movie. Karl Urban rocked the part of Dredd..... MUST GO! If you know a girl that digs action and gore, this would be an ideal date movie.......haha
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Only watch it if you love bloody scenes because it's so disgusting!

By Nobutan
Written September 22, 2012
This is the most disgusting movie I've ever seen. I don't like this kind of movies. It's extremely bloody, violent, and disgusting. The only reason I wanted to watch this is because I want to see its beautiful slow motion effects, but these effects just used at the wrong places, well for me. I couldn't stand to watch people's eyes and guts being blown out in slow motions, so I left without seeing half the movie. But if you can stand these kind of bloody scenes. This is a great and "beautiful" movie for you. But for me, it's a NO movie.
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Over delivered!

By dizzitoast
Written October 07, 2012
I thought it was going to be a high res version of some sci-fi channel crap, but I was blown away! It wasn't cheesy, it's wasn't bland, or too brainless killing-ish. It was solid, the characters were good, the plot held water, and the action was superb. I honest thought this would royally suck, but was very very happily surprised!
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Seriously . . .

By jadedattitude
Written October 20, 2012
Go see this movie in the theater before it's gone. ALL the reviews I read about this film were confirmed. Robocop violence and gore, decent acting, not bad story line. It's is by no means corny in anyway, this movie was done so much like the comic book it would make any Punisher fan go mad with envy that their movies didn't turn out as good. This movie is going to BOMB badly at the box office, so go see it if you like action films.
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