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Throwback to classic Ultra Violent Films from the 1980s

By grizzlybrice
Written October 05, 2012
Dredd was the complete package from ultra violence (see Terminator, Robocop, etc) and cheesy one liners. Be warned, there are some extremely graphic imagery, most of it is hyper stylized to fit the comic book movie style guide, but a bloodbath nonetheless. The premise is simple, and you get what you know you'll see, nothing more, nothing less. They knew the film they were making and, as it is not a "hollywood" film (made outside of the country and Lionsgate brought it to the States), the filmmakers didn't try to make it anymore than it needed to be. If you are one who things that action movies today are tame compared to those of yesteryear, you must take it upon yourself to see Dredd. Go see it (we saw it 2D), enjoy the splatter, have your stomach turn sour, and laugh at the absurdity of it all.
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Purient Interest Only

By bobnup1
Written September 23, 2012
The obvious demographic for this movie is low brow teeners with nothing to do on a Saturday night. Plot? There isn't one- this is just a platform for showing how mentally deranged people with more guns than brains can shoot up their own neighborhoods. They ran in a "mutant" rookie cop with paranormal abilities to read other people's experiences and intentions to head off disasterous actions, but, half way through they didn't develop her character; the director was mentally arrested in showing how many dead people he could pack into one movie.The only thing "Dredd"-ful about the protagonist, Dredd, was his acting, as wooden as one can be. Give this trash heap no stars for direction, none for acting,none for plot, and one star for bullet count. I did like the "Judge's" motorcycles, though- Maybe in Dredd III they can show the arch-villians shooting the Judge's asses off in a Motorcross. Not for kids, not for teeners, not for adults of any kind. Save your money.
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Dredd = Dread!!

By mavelous_maverick29
Written September 24, 2012
The beginning of the movie story started out pretty bad, there was no real hook other than the visuals. Then right away, the movie projects into hardcore grossness, that I could not even follow the movie plot because I was sick to my stomach and trying to recover from the shocking blow-out your brains type of scenes, but was sent immediately into another bloody scene. All the blood and gore just made me stop following the weak story line, we ended up walking out 1/4 part of the movie, complained to management to allow us to go see Lawless for the price we spent on the movie. I give this movie a failing grade overall, I think only murderers would enjoy this movie!!! This is not even a Red Box rental quality movie!
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By Fr33d0mF1ght3r
Written January 22, 2013
Finally decided to give DREDD a watch and I have to say, this movie surprised me. It was like watching the comic come to life. The plot was solid, the action and violence were gratuitous, this was an overall excellent movie. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.
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Judge,Jury,and Executioner

By geoelevation25
Written February 16, 2013
Though Dredd has many cheesy moments, the self-satire is funny as hell and the visuals are very impressive. The violence is kind of an issue but its good enough.
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