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Dredd Synopsis
A cop teams with a trainee to take down a gang that sells a reality-altering drug.
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Dredd works because it's an action flick with wide appeal that takes risks it doesn't need to - in its delightfully off-putting violence...
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Entertainment Weekly

Paul Leonard-Morgan's thumping techno soundtrack is thrilling. And Urban manages to give a credibly wry performance using little more than...
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The Hollywood Reporter

Pitched at the right level to please original fans, but still slick and accessible enough to attract new ones, Dredd 3D feels like a smart...
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Wall Street Journal

By Joe Morgenstern
What's exceptional is the orchestration of color, form, light and dark (lots of dark), 3-D technology and digital effects into a look that...
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Washington Post

This, finally, is the Dredd movie comic book readers have been anticipating.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Peter Hartlaub
The themes are also dated. There are times when Dredd 3D feels like an escapist companion piece to "The Day After." But there we go again,...
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By James Berardinelli
If there's a serious disappointment, it's the villain. Ma-Ma, despite being played with over-the-top zest by Lena Headey, isn't a very...
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By David Hiltbrand
For sci-fi action fans, it's an instant classic. For everyone else, it's a dark, bloody mess.
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Boston Globe

By Tom Russo
Pretty clearly determined to deliver the antidote to Stallone's movie, the filmmakers take their cues from Christopher Nolan's Batman...
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
The drug that Ma-Ma trafficks in, Slo-Mo, slows its user's brain to 1% of its normal speed. Dredd unfortunately makes you feel as if you,...
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One of the best Comic Adaptations and best action films this year!

By ars198614
This film is a love letter to the comic fans of Judge Dredd and it does so by keeping the character true to his comic roots with no need to give him any B.S humanizing to him. Karl Urban does a...

Not Dreddful at all!

By solanochpka4993
This movie was action packed and just all around Kick-ass, If you ever saw the original Judge Dredd you know that this movie had to be awesome as well. Which it was! If you ever go to see it bring a...

Great popcorn movie!

By jlisk
This movie doesn't mess around. It provides just enough plot and character development to contextualize the dizzying degree of ultraviolence and is a true spectacle of murderous proportions! Visuals...

Dredd in a new light

By vail2073
I've always been a fan of the Judge Dredd Comics and sagas so I was going to see this movie regardless. I was pleasantly surprised that it was much better than I expected. I've seen all the comic...


By Kewldude68
True to form to the style and intent of the Judge Dredd anthology. Not for children nor the faint of heart. Pleasantly BRUTAL for the avid JD fan. Story line is average however, this version of the...

A great action movie

By TerpsFan72
Not a big fan of the 90's Judge Dredd movie with Sly Stalone, but was blow away by how good this one was. Bare bones action film, with an outstanding performance from Karl Urban. I loved the old...

Dredd was GREAT!

By loveorpizza
Judge Dredd (1995) didn't get it right, not even close. Dredd (2012) does, and does it well. The action was gritty and not in stupid slow motion, the blood was real and not crappy CG, Urban is Dredd...

Excellent Movie!

By aaronsgwc
I was hoping for a sequel about thirty minutes into the movie. It was well done, and delivered exactly what it seemed to promise: A Judge Dredd movie that doesn't suck. There wasn't a whole lot...

Honestly... It was amazing!

By Yuk1soN
I went to see Looper instead of Dredd, which proved to be a big mistake. Dredd was absolutely brilliant! Admittedly, while it may not be the ideal movie for a date, I was thoroughly impressed with...

This is an extremely good/intense action movie

By perfectunion_2005
Like I said, this movie succeeds in what in sets out to do. It's not meant to be some complicated thriller that aims to make you think a lot. It's a straight up, in your face action movie loaded with...

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Rated R | For Strong bloody violence, language, drug use and some sexual content
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Common Sense Media says Pause for kids 16 & under Extreme violence, drugs in intense comic book tale.
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