WOW what a DREDD

By trek 130
Written September 23, 2012
best dredd movie ever made but a bold move . DREDD fight a large crime-fighter and his sidekick in combat recruit . love to see DREDD 3D !!!
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This erases the bad memory of Stallone completely - true to source, great if you aren't familiar with the source

By slugarcer
Written September 30, 2012
Great movie, its a shame it had to go up against end of watch. I'm sure that as with myself, it was a coin toss between the two. Luckily Dredd won last week's coin flip. Now its EOW vs. Looper. My only disappointment with the film is that I did not see it in 3D and this looks as though it wasn't supposed to be viewed any other way. Do yourself a favor, skip the MB like stuff and see this film.
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I wasn't impressed

By scoot1105
Written October 05, 2012
For starters, it was way too short!! And that's probably why the movie wasn't all that good! It looks like they tried to cram a weak storyline and a lot of blood and gore into 90 minutes. It could've been a lot better if they would've stretched it out an extra 30-45 minutes. The acting was so-so, but i did like the special 3D effects. My advice: Wait until it comes out on DVD.
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dredds assessment

By banevicious
Written September 25, 2012
wig splittin dome crackin body manglin top notch 3D entertainment...i dont even know who played dredd...which is perfect cuz it dont matter...only judgement matters in Mega-City One... do not sleep on this movie cuz the 95 one was booty...dredd was as he shouldve been...R obnoxious comic relief or overblown villiian... 2 judges vs. 80 stories of crime and villains...dopeness!!! minus one star for lack of a cameos
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A really great action movie. slightly violent in some scenes, but really well-done film.

By Ash_Worthington2250
Written September 25, 2012
Dredd (in 3D) 9 out of 10. It's a great action movie, but it's violent in some scenes, and it's not for the squeamish in just a few parts. Most of the movie is safe. It's definitely NOT for kids.. The action was great, excellent cinematography, the lead character was very well done by Karl Urban, excellent supporting actress Olivia Thirlby, and there are no zany characters to ruin the movie. The movie is short at 1 hr and 30 minutes, and I think it could have used a bit more development of the characters along with some more action of the two judges escalating the floors. This film was a million times better than the Stallone Judge Dredd film from the 90's. this is how a Judge Dredd film should be done. I look forward to seeing future Dredd films. The blood did look a little CGI fake in one or two scenes, but otherwise the other 99% of the film is really good. The 3D looked excellent showing off the cityscapes and even inside the building where we could see down the corridors.
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