WOW what a DREDD

By trek 130
Written September 23, 2012
best dredd movie ever made but a bold move . DREDD fight a large crime-fighter and his sidekick in combat recruit . love to see DREDD 3D !!!
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Dont expect much of a story but the slow motion stuff was interesting

By rodstohogs
Written September 21, 2012
Im an action movie junky! I never believe what critics say about my movies. However the critics liked this movie. My first red flag! lol Critics are so use to watching movie after movie I think that anything different, or out of place or weird will get them to like it. Basically from an Artistic standpoint the super slow motion is this movie was kind of cool. Take a touch of the matrix slow motion, then add a touch of CSI internal camera tricks then slow it down 10 more times and make it 3D. It tood 10 minutes to watch a lady spill milk or something. Kind of cool to see each drop move in 3D really slow. It was also interesting to see bullets go through a face really slow. It wasnt boring but it did have that B-rated take turns acting feel to it with every scene making you think you have seen this before. Plenty of blood, plenty of shooting. kind of like watching someone play a video game of a guy going through a building shooting everything that moves. Hoping Resident evil is better!
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I wasn't impressed

By scoot1105
Written October 05, 2012
For starters, it was way too short!! And that's probably why the movie wasn't all that good! It looks like they tried to cram a weak storyline and a lot of blood and gore into 90 minutes. It could've been a lot better if they would've stretched it out an extra 30-45 minutes. The acting was so-so, but i did like the special 3D effects. My advice: Wait until it comes out on DVD.
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By kf62w6
Written September 29, 2012
I have not seen a 3D movie sense i worked at a theater in the late 80's. I can say there has been no improvements sense then. I can live with out 3D movies. Oh by the way Dredd was a great movie.
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dredds assessment

By banevicious
Written September 25, 2012
wig splittin dome crackin body manglin top notch 3D entertainment...i dont even know who played dredd...which is perfect cuz it dont matter...only judgement matters in Mega-City One... do not sleep on this movie cuz the 95 one was booty...dredd was as he shouldve been...R obnoxious comic relief or overblown villiian... 2 judges vs. 80 stories of crime and villains...dopeness!!! minus one star for lack of a cameos
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