Just like the comic!

By RimmeTheClown
Written September 21, 2012
If you love Dredd comics, this will make perfect sense to you. If you just like great action, this will make great sense to you. If you are not a fan of either genre, then you may find yourself a new fan because the film is fun, brutal, fun, and intense, just like the comic!
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Dredd done right !!!

By Kurosawa_Forever
Written October 21, 2016
The Stalone Dredd was a hollywood B flop and an embarassment to the comic. This time around they get it right. It's a movie worth seeing in 3-D as opposed to a lot of films that come out in 3-D for gimmicks sake. Whether you just want to see a great action movie or are a huge comic fan like myself you'll enjoy this movie in the theaters. The super slo-mo is beuatiful in 3-D and will have you drooling. Everything clicks with this movie from lighting to cinematogoraphy, acting and editing and especially the soundtrack. It's a lot of fun. I definately recommend this film. To anyone who was turned off of Dredd by the Stalone version you wont regret seeing this one. Two thumbs way up!!!
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Dredd is Die Hard with a mask

By christopheredwardmos
Written April 24, 2017
The movie is great popcorny fun. It's not overly developed, there aren't a whole lot of stakes, but there's tons of violence and booms. You're going to get exactly what you're expecting and not a whole lot more. I enjoyed it, but had I been expecting something more than a popcorn action film, I would have been sadly disappointed.
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Action and grit

By phunky01
Written September 22, 2012
Although this is a remake, this remake isn't cheesy like the original. The action is good and acting is decent, it is entertaining. Fans should check it out if you remember the comic and would like an alternative to the original.
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By Tommygh
Written December 10, 2016
3 Bags - Dredd3D is a cheeky yarn like BladeRunner with a large blood transfusion, if you're into that kind of thing. Urban is super, and so are Headey as the brutal Ma-Ma and Thirby as the precognitive noob judge. The film is done really well, and moves along at a great pace from start to finish.
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