Judgement: Dredd is a throwback crime actioner

By treonaut
Written September 23, 2012
DREDD 3D' is a great movie for those who like taut gritty, claustrophobic crime films; like 1976's 'Assault on Precinct 13'. Coming in at a crisp 95 minutes, 'Dredd' is a film custom-made for audiences tired of having to consider the bad-guys' side of things. Bad guys are BAD, the Judges are hard-assed dispensers of JUSTICE, and everyone else knows enough to get the hell out of their way. There are issues: I really liked Karl Urban in the role of Judge Dredd; but, for a movie based in a future dystopia, it felt a little too grounded..and missed some of the sci-fi weirdness, black humor/satire and gadgetry from the British comic on which it is based. Its also anything but a 'date' movie. Make no mistake: 'Dredd 3D' has the highest body count I've seen in years, and it is visceral as hell. That aside, its a bloody good, uber-violent and utterly satisfying 'cops vs. gangs' film, with the best 3D I've seen, since 'Avatar'.
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Just ok

By TSLove9975
Written September 27, 2012
The action sequences were just pure gratuitous violence almost to the point of unnecessary. There was hardly any story line at all. No back story. You don't understand why Dredd is legendary or why he's so dedicated. The rookie's story was at least a little better. I love action flicks but this one was just ok. Frankly, the original was way better. Just like Total Recall. The original was much better. If it weren't for the 3D, it wouldn't have been worth seeing at all,
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Dredd 3D is fantastic!

By hillwalker
Written September 25, 2012
This year seems to be a great year for inpendent Sci-Fi films. Dredd 3D is no exception! I absolutely loved this film. The art direction. The performances. The story. One of the strengths of this film is the simplicity. If you liked RoboCop or DieHard, you should like this.
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Dredd 3D

By FrechGuy
Written October 05, 2012
Pretty good "re-boot"...the 3D is an important element in some of the scenes, so if you want the full effect, you should see it that way. Good characters, pretty good dialogue with a few real "zinger" lines... Some unusual special effects. Glad I went. I wouldn't take the kids...the violence is pretty graphic, and there's a lot of it.
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Did not capture my imagination as much as I hoped

By aycaaksu
Written October 04, 2015
Overall good movie. 3D slow motion shots were beautiful. Good soundtrack. Actors were good. Karl Urban used his face and mimics well. Amazing. On the bad side, the movie was all about violence and did not capture my imagination as much as I hoped for.
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