Dredd 3D

By russman
Written September 29, 2012
Worth every penny. Not sure how any action fan or comic fan could pass this movie up. It has everything you want in a movie. They pull no punches in this one. You gotta see it.
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This movie is better than anyone is expecting

By KryptoKid509
Written September 24, 2012
It was a year full of summer comic book movies. And there were some action movies out there. But unlike films like Total Recall or Resident Evil: Retribution, Dredd delivers on the action and violence. This is how a "shoot em up" movie should be. The 3D is optional depending on how into the idea of 3D movies you have. This was by far the best use of 3D in an action movie all summer. There are NO cheesy 3D effects (aiming something "pointy" at the audience). Karl Urban gives the character justice on screen. This movie feels more like a prequel or tester film to see if fans will like it. And if they do, then a couple sequels could happen.
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Bloody good

By fiore_82
Written September 23, 2012
Unlike the original attempt at bringing Judge Dredd to the screen this film stays closer to the source material. Great action scenes with just enough character development to bring it above other ultraviolent fare. The violence is very abundant and bloody but it serves the story being told and the background of the character. The story itself doesn't try to be much more than what it is: a day in the life of Judge Dredd. It stays simple but that's not to say it is stupid or dumbed down. Overall I really enjoyed this movie. The 3D was great as well. I thought it might end up being gimmicky being an action movie or just bad considering the dark scenes but it really did add to the movie. If you like action movies and aren't skiddish at blood then you should like this.
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Highly Visual, Extremely Bloody Above Average Action Film.

By Hunter_S
Written September 25, 2012
A very simple premise. Lots of action, blood and some humor. Solid acting. Stays truer than most adaptations to the source material. A trillion times better than Stallone's crap version. Extremely visual--perfect for 3D. I think it lacked great marketing. I'd have loved to have seen a trilogy out of this. It's actually a very good film.
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Judge not lest ye be Dredd

By repentantgamer
Written August 27, 2014
This film is great for action and effects. Although not particularly plot driven, the film doesn't take itself too seriously and is neither preachy nor cheesy. If you're looking for a great message of some sort, or thought-provoking ideas, don't watch it, but otherwise it's an awesome film.
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