Judge Dredd ... Judgement: Go See This

By Darkola
Written August 30, 2016
I'm not one who has read the comics for this, so my review is based entirely on the movie itself, without any fallback towards the comics. I seen this movie in 3D, and although I think the movie would be good to see either way, the 3D did add to the movie, and it wasnt overdone, where they did use it with slow motion worked out real well. The story itself was pretty basic, in the future, the police are also the judges in a large devastated city. Dredd and a trainee are sent to one highrise to investigate a tripple murder, and from that point the entire movie is based within that building as they are locked inside to find the head leader of that gang, with everyone else inside pretty much against them. The action in this movie was plentifull throughout, the acting itself was stiff, with no character development which hurt the movie, as you really dont feel anything for the main characters if something bad happens to them. I'd give this 2 1/2 out of 4 stars myself .. Enjoy :)
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Brilliantly Bad Ass

By my_tallest
Written May 26, 2017
Finally, a bad-***character who knows to wear functional body armor! Plus Karl Urban scores major points by foregoing the usual actor's need to be seen and makes the world more rich by making his character faceless. What I wasn't expecting, especially in a low-budget movie, was the kick-***cinematography.
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*The Helmet stays on* 8/10

By Nivekian13
Written September 21, 2012
If you had high hopes for Stallones Judge Dredd in the 90's and felt let down and kind of hated Rob Shnider (guys character destroyed that movie, obvious stupid studio "suggestion" bullshit). Well, Karl Urbans Dredd just pushes that overgrown staged production, ****** buddy comedy off a balcony face first from 50 storys up. I can already hear the *****ing about the slow mo stuff, but screw you, it was a drug and looked awesome in 3D, especially in gun battles. The violence is on par with Robocop as some reviews have claimed, I agree. o sum everything up, good actors, great action, best use of 3D to enhance the plot since Avatar, and the small budget actually helps with the realism giving it a gritty "cop show" feel to it. Dredd is redeemed, would love to see sequels to this, or even a cable tv show.
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A better Dredd.

By alacran79
Written September 22, 2012
I may not have read much of the Judge Dredd comics, but I know that movie from the 90's was a travesty, and that this one, may actually have gotten it right. In comparison to the other comic book/sci-fi films released this year, Dredd is simple and straightforward. Two Judges respond to a call regarding a triple homicide, and violence ensues. Now, usually films like this fall into the trappings of certain cliches, especially when they're action films that make use of 3D and Slow-motion. Fortunately for us, the tropes are usually turned on their head, and the slow motion and 3-D effects are used appropriately (you'll understand what I mean when you see the film). Now, I did enjoy the film, but I have 2 complaints: 1)The 3D in certain shots bothered my eyes. Mostly because some item in the foreground wasn't allowing my eyes to focus correctly. 2) The film left me wanting more. Sparse is good, but maybe this was a bit too simple. Maybe a sequel will rectify that.
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Go, Citizen, and see this movie!

By verminous
Written September 22, 2012
As a long time reader and fan of Dredd and 2000AD, I have to say this movie nailed it. Sure, they could have made the Mega-City look a little more massive, but it worked really well. Love all the nods to the comics and little touches that made it feel like I was in the Big Meg. Go see it. See it now, see it often. Make another. Dark Judges!
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