Save Your Money!

By JustRuty
Written October 01, 2011
This movie was so boring, poor acting... it took forever to even get a storyline, It was NOT SCARY at all! It was a very slow boring movie. Save your money! The entire audience boo'd after it was over.
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Dream House review

By Falls Crush
Written January 25, 2012
I liked this story
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Not bad- Great first time thriller.-

By anjanettesix
Written October 24, 2011
Took the kids (all teenagers) and it was really a good thriller filx for the family
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good but not what i expected.

By indigomoon93
Written September 30, 2016
When I went to see this movie I thought it was supposed to e a horror film based on the commercials I saw for it. It is not scary, a bit creepy though. It's a brain teaser. Since James bond is the main character it definitely takes away from the scary factor. If you liked inception you will probably like this.
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Dream House Misrepresented

By Old_Footballer_00
Written October 02, 2011
The trailer misleads the type of movie. BIG TIME! Don't go expecting a scary movie... the genre seems to have been changed half-way through production. Watch on DVD / BLURAY.
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