Was it really worth it??

By Diamondgirlmovies
Written October 01, 2011
This movie was just so so. If it was to be a thriller, it didn't give me much of a thrill. The actors did a decent job, although Daniel Craig didn't quite fit the part he played although some of the others did a decent job. The movie seemed way too predictable. You could tell certain characters were to blame for certain actions but it took almost too long to find out what they did. Just didn't do anything for me.
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Great actors without much to work with.

By elph
Written May 02, 2016
There are some fantastic actors in this movie, and if the film had maintained its focus on the ravages of grief they all could have really chewed up the collective scenery. Instead the script decided to go the straight genre route, and it's a route too well-traveled at this point. The basic premise is that Will Attenton (Daniel Craig) moves his young family out of the city to spend more time with them, only to discover that a murderer who used to live there might still be lurking around. Anyone who's payed attention to the previews knows what the twist is there. Well (spoiler alert) there's a second twist coming on top of that one. It would be a doozy too, except that anyone who has ever seen a Korean horror film (which is a lot of this genre's audience) knows exactly what cues to look for and is not going to be surprised in the slightest. Bottom line: wait for the cable premiere.
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Dream House review

Written October 05, 2011
A little confusing and certainly not the best
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By broberts4287
Written November 28, 2011
its a very depressing and sad movie
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By eyeguy
Written October 03, 2011
Well acted and filmed. Pretty confusing story but worth seeing.
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