By pywright
Written July 29, 2015
Good movie, enjoyed it
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By dennisracejr
Written February 14, 2016
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good story

By diablosworld
Written November 28, 2015
The movie was good I like it had a great story and it kinda had the " shutter island " affect I would of given it to a must go but the ending wasn't that great they should of gone more into it
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By septrain
Written January 11, 2012
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Was it really worth it??

By Diamondgirlmovies
Written October 01, 2011
This movie was just so so. If it was to be a thriller, it didn't give me much of a thrill. The actors did a decent job, although Daniel Craig didn't quite fit the part he played although some of the others did a decent job. The movie seemed way too predictable. You could tell certain characters were to blame for certain actions but it took almost too long to find out what they did. Just didn't do anything for me.
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