Dream House

By pfc_peralta04
Written October 19, 2011
Terrible Movie! incredibly predictable! had one good twist but after that it was all down hill again.
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Just awful.

By fabiangunz
Written October 01, 2014
DO NOT even rent this p.o.s..
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Dream House

By kdoee
Written October 02, 2011
Even though this isn't the ultimate scary movie, it's still a must see. Well maybe not must but it defiantly is a good movie. I'd go to see it again.
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By leaeste04@yahoo
Written November 07, 2011
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False Advertising Alert - Not a Horror Movie

By Mousedancing
Written October 01, 2011
I hate when the promos make a movie out to be something it's not. If you're looking for a horror movie - This is NOT one! I kept waiting for the story to get interesting, scary, suspenseful...anything, and it just never did. It had potential, great actors and a storyline that really could've been good, but the movie was boring and was not at all scary or even a little suspenseful.
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