Not bad- Great first time thriller.-

By anjanettesix
Written October 24, 2011
Took the kids (all teenagers) and it was really a good thriller filx for the family
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Dream House review

By Falls Crush
Written January 25, 2012
I liked this story
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good but not what i expected.

By indigomoon93
Written September 30, 2016
When I went to see this movie I thought it was supposed to e a horror film based on the commercials I saw for it. It is not scary, a bit creepy though. It's a brain teaser. Since James bond is the main character it definitely takes away from the scary factor. If you liked inception you will probably like this.
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Dream House Misrepresented

By Old_Footballer_00
Written October 02, 2011
The trailer misleads the type of movie. BIG TIME! Don't go expecting a scary movie... the genre seems to have been changed half-way through production. Watch on DVD / BLURAY.
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By extremeactress
Written October 07, 2011
The preview for this movie seemed interesting however it was boring, movie of the week at best! Save your money and rent it maybe... Waste of time. I don't know why real life couples do movies together.. Definitely not Burt and Liz !
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