Save Your Money!

By JustRuty
Written October 01, 2011
This movie was so boring, poor acting... it took forever to even get a storyline, It was NOT SCARY at all! It was a very slow boring movie. Save your money! The entire audience boo'd after it was over.
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Not the Dream House you're looking for...

By cherxbear
Written October 05, 2011
I personally did not enjoy this film as much as I thought I would but it still has an interesting twist towards the end, even though it was expected! I would have to say that the acting was probably the best thing this film could offer but the story line could have been much better. It wasn't really scary either, that definitely didn't help so I would give it a 2.5/5 stars overall.
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terrible direction

By nomadamon
Written May 23, 2015
Too bad for the actors - all of them good. To be given dialogue like this and then get edited and directed as if by a 1st year film student?? Either they were doing their agents favors, their agents suck, or their agents owed something to the studio? Who knows, but it was the worst $15 I spent all week. Possibly all year. Thank god the popcorn was good.
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Dream House

By misslala418
Written May 27, 2015
This movie was EXCELLENT!!! My fiance and I went to see it and he always falls asleep in the movies. He stayed awake and alert for this entire movie! You dare not go to sleep for fear of not knowing what was going to happen next. I am going to go to see this movie again & can't wait until it comes on DVD!
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By Therumrunner5
Written September 01, 2014
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