By Lady_Bishop1
Written July 17, 2008
This is the first movie I have seen of this sort. I do hope there will be a sequel, "Dragonfly II," which will show what the hospital staff and other friends think of Joe as he raises his daughter. Also, if "Emily" will visit with her daughter as she grows up, Their daughter was so beautiful. It was such a blessing to me. On October 19, 1987, I died and traveled through the dark tunnel, and heard a voice saying, "Look for the light." I saw the Lord and He stood in crystal clear water. and showed me several visions of people perishing here on earth. My time was not up, but that I would return to earth, to preach and teach the people about JESUS. My doctor had given me less than two months to live. I asked the Lord for ten (10) years. I am still preaching and teaching the Word of God. Before my daughter died, she promised to take care of me. When things get really serious, I can smell her fragrance and a check from out of nowhere appears. GOD is real. BELIEVE IT!!
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