Dragonball Evolution

By xXShadowJagerXx
Written March 07, 2015
Before anyone starts to critic the movie on how its NOT like the series at all, first it must be stated that, you're right. This is a modern adaptation of the series that apparently was screen written by a group of people who must have had no knowledgeable background and must have been given just a character list and 1 terrible idea. The movie very VERY lightly touches on the anime and longtime Dragonball fans will be really disappointed. The dialogue and the acting is some of the worst I have ever seen and the build of the characters, especially Goku's, was horrible. He was made weak against eveything and even died from a blast of a "gun". I didn't know Lara Croft was going to play Bulma...she kicked more *** then Goku. The only good thing is that Chichi is hot. The movie offers decent CGI effects with minimal fighting and jumps from scene to scene leaving one confused. Go see it if you really want to but I would recommend waiting till it comes out on DVD to rent, maybe..
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This movie signifies everything thats wrong with Hollywood!

By The Great Gatsby
Written April 17, 2009
This is the first time I've EVER been compelled to write a review, which speaks volumes in and of itself! How, could someone with half an iota of common sense tell me, do you take a genre, with almost a decade of material to use for case study, and STILL mess it up. Every fiber of this movies storyline is completely pulled out of someones ying yang, with barely any notable correlation to the actual Dragonball series. I know there are to be expected shortcomings to factor in for the transition from anime to live action, but that's like saying the Grand Canyon is just a small ditch when talking aout this movie. I bet against the house that this movie would be a slap in the face, and would actually turn out good; and I lost the shirt off my back. The casting of Goku was horrible, Roshi was horrible, Piccolo...no comment! Hell, even Goku's uniform was the wrong color! I pray to the high heavens of Hollywood's Marvel remake machine that they get involved and help tell this story correctly!
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By webchameleon
Written July 31, 2008
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Its Evolution time baby

By djmaniacmetal
Written April 07, 2009
So many people are complaining about this movie, i saw it in japan and i loved it. americans are so judgemental. look for people that are comparing DBE to DBZ, DBE is based off of dragonball not dragonball z, goku doesnt know he is not from earth yet. this movie was number 1 and 2 in all of asia. also there are many different stories of dragonball, the only time it was one direct story was when dbz started. For people that honestly think they know it all, watch DRAGONBALL!!!!!!!! and shut up, stop bitchin about th emovie because to tell you the truth they did alot off of a 45 million budget. Like chatwin said. Its not dragonball, its not dragonball z, its dragonball Evolution! Oh and one more thing, people that have a huge problem with this movie, go watch dragonball :the magic begins, maybe you will be happier with that piece of ****you call a movie.
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Notice: Quote

By ongoinglover1290
Written April 04, 2009
"I don't know why people make such a big deal aout the movie "sucking"? Did you guys actually expect a frealking amazing thing? Honestly, was Harry Potter a "great" movie? Or Lord of the Rings? Or what, let me guess, Spiderman was kick as s. Right? You guys who think you're movie experts and think this one sucks, guess what, it might, but you know what else? ALL MOVIES SUCK. The book is ALWAYS better and in this case, the manga and even the cartoon was better. The thing is, you watch it cause you're a fan of it. That's it. Not a fan? Then don't btch and don't go. Fan? GO SEE IT. I'll go too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I am also going. I am a mother of three, 38 years old and a long-time devoted fan of DB. That's how amazing the show is!!!! How could anyone refuse to watch it?
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