Dragonball Evolution Synopsis
A young warrior (Justin Chatwin) must collect a series of mystical objects.
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Dragonball Evolution

By xXShadowJagerXx
Before anyone starts to critic the movie on how its NOT like the series at all, first it must be stated that, you're right. This is a modern adaptation of the series that apparently was screen...

This movie signifies everything thats wrong with Hollywood!

By The Great Gatsby
This is the first time I've EVER been compelled to write a review, which speaks volumes in and of itself! How, could someone with half an iota of common sense tell me, do you take a genre, with...


By webchameleon

Its Evolution time baby

By djmaniacmetal
So many people are complaining about this movie, i saw it in japan and i loved it. americans are so judgemental. look for people that are comparing DBE to DBZ, DBE is based off of dragonball not...

Notice: Quote

By ongoinglover1290
"I don't know why people make such a big deal aout the movie "sucking"? Did you guys actually expect a frealking amazing thing? Honestly, was Harry Potter a "great" movie? Or Lord of the Rings? Or...

Sorry Badhorsie...I couldn't resist

By grooVC
I will face the wrath of Badhorsie and write a review because I think this movie is going to be awful. Part of charm of the original comic (and subsequent anime) were the imaginative art, character...

ITS NOT DRAGONBALL Z... its JUST Dragon Ball..

By slaarwalhz
This is BEFORE GOKU knows he is a saiyan and other saiyans come to the earth. This is when Piccolo comes and he is evil.. He tries to destroy the earth.. Goku fights him.. Then in Dragon Ball Z when...

To The DBZ Fans

By Domovoi_Butler
So from reading the reviews, DBZ fans seem to be dissapointed, but it seems like a lot of you aren't familiar with Dragon Ball. This movie is based on Dragon Ball, and it seems that the purpose of...

10 years with the license and this is what we get....

By JayDee2658
I grew up watching Dragonball and Dragonball Z watching every saga and I must say... THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST MOVIES I'VE EVER SEEN Within the first 10seconds of the movie, they made a HUGE story...


By amsfrogs
HORRIBLE...Simply Horrible. My going experience was fun, but the movie itself was purely trash. I'm surprised the children in the theatre were entertained. I for one will not recommend seeing this...

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Rated PG | For intense sequences of action/violence and brief mild language
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Common Sense Media says Movie based on anime series has lots of martial arts action.
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