DRAG ME TO HELL - and I got raked over hot coals and fire. GRADE: C

Written May 27, 2009
Tues 5/26 - this evening I attended the advance press preview of this 99min movie directed by Sam Raimi (Spiderman 1/2/3). Sam Raimi delivered a over-the-top plot-thin 'horror' movie that has a few scary yet laughable scenes. Be prepared for serious incidences of GROSSNESS. I could not decided if I was more 'horrified' or revolted/disgusted. Most folks would likely find this movie entertaining - especially fans of Sam Raimi - but I was thankful that 1.5hr passed by relatively quickly and the movie was over and done with. I doubt that I could put up with anymore stomach-churning disgustingly gross scenes. Still - DRAG ME TO HELL is the most entertaining 'horror'/supernatural movie in recent times - especially compared to The Ruins, The Haunting, The Eye(US-remake), SAW 1/2/3/4/etc., et cetera. Special effects were so-so Make-up and sets = above-average. Our heroine - whatever-her-name-was - was just forgettable. VERDICT: Wait for the DVD - rental. Go if you must.
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Best Horror movie I've seen in a long time

By DrGonzo615
Written May 14, 2009
So I was able to see the premier at the Chinese theatre in hollywood last night, and i went in with little to no expectations. This movie was awesome though, tons of chills but theres also a lot of humor in it ala Evil Dead. Now a lot of the scares in this movie are the startle scares, which normally bother me, but this movie is more lighthearted than your typical horror fest. It doesnt take itself too seriously; every scary part is tied together with little jokes that keep the whole film engaging from start to finish. Another thing I really enjoyed about the movie are the over the top "disgusting" scenes (you'll know what im talking about after you see it) you can almost picture Sam Raimi sitting in the editing room, laughing his *** off at your disgusted face. Im normally not a person for scary flicks, but this one has such an endearing charm to it that i cant help but stand and take notice. This film and restored my faith in the horror genre. Fantastic, scary, funny.
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If you like the Evil Dead movies GO SEE THIS!!!

By hilifig552
Written May 14, 2009
I saw the prescreening of this movie last night and I have to say I thought it was AWESOME! It's classic Sam Raimi at his best (in the style of his Evil Dead movies). The whole audience laughed and jumped in their seats the whole time! Fun was had by all :) GO SEE IT!!!
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Sam Raimi, where have you been!!!

By noelrunge
Written June 19, 2009
Reading the reviews of those that didn't like the movie, I question if they were fans of the "Evil Dead" series of films released during the 80's. This was classic Raimi; over-the-top, graphic, violent, gore & humor. This is not a serious horror flick as the previews may lead a non-Raimi fan to believe. I love the way Raimi injects humor into his scenes, even during a moment that leads you to believe will be scary. His characters make the obvious twist & turns entertaining throughout. The gross-out scenes are just that...GROSS! It will leave you turning your head from the screen and laughing at the same time. I understand Raimi is planning to remake "Evil Dead" and plans to release it in 2010. Count me as one who will be in line opening night.
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Drag Me to Hell

By bloodredguy
Written June 07, 2009
Look it's a Sam Raimi movie. If you don't know what you're in for then I really feel no sympathy for those who sit there in a PG-13 horror movie and expect garbage like Saw or Hills Have Eyes or the slew of no script, no flair, nondescript horror movies and can't appreciate this one (or the Evil Dead films). Sam keeps the pace fairly well with story, gut busting gore/violence and then "scary/creepy". The fight scene in the car near the beginning had the entire theater gasping, crying with laughter and groaning. This ain't the Exorcist and this ain't Hallowen. It's more fun.
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