Not just for football fans.

By southerncharms59
Written October 16, 2015
To put it plain and simple: "You do not have to like football, to love this movie.". Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner were great. It has a great story line that keeps you on the edge of your seat, just waiting for the next twist and turn. This movie Is a must see!!
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Awesome - intense, has it all

By honeydo930
Written April 13, 2014
I am not necessarity a football fan, but this movie besides keeping my full attention, made sense to me all they talk about in football. It make it REAL. There is so much going on, go and see it - you won't be disappointed
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Well done Kevin & Ivan

By WWBillG
Written March 21, 2015
This movie is exactly what you think it is. But it is a very well done version of traditional zero to hero fable. Costner is a seasoned pro at this role. That's OK, he pulls it off. Lots of small character rolls also make this an entertaining few hours. Director takes a hack screenplay and finds ways to make it interesting and even unexpected. Better than expected. Go.
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Draft Day

By Rayanton
Written March 21, 2015
Great movie, whether you are a football fan like myself or not (like my girlfriend). Entertaining from the beginning, with a message, stick to your convictions no matter how much others try to change your opinion. And for some people like GM Weaver, character is as important as talent in evaluating football players!! The story of the playbook with a $100 bill stapled to the last page is priceless. Nice old traditional thinking. A movie about life as much as football!
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Wonderful movie. Forget the Criticss. Just Go.

By rdavies
Written April 11, 2014
Fast-paced story of the events surrounding an NFL draft day. Not a boring moment in the movie and fun for those who love football and those who don't have the passion. Wonderful cast and solid acting.
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