• Released
  • September 18, 2016
  • (2nd Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2016)
  • PG , 1 hr 45 min
  • Concert/Special Events
Dr. Strangelove presented by TCM Synopsis
Fathom Events, Turner Classic Movies and Sony Pictures Entertainment invite you to scheme on the big screen when the Stanley Kubrick classic Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) bursts into cinemas nationwide...

Movie Reviews

Brilliant movie, mediocre presentation

By twp186
DR. STRANGELOVE is unquestionably a modern classic and should be required viewing for any fan of the movies -- or politics for that matter. I was looking forward to seeing this in a big-screen...

Peter Sellers shines again...

By rhd211187
You just can't go wrong when Peter Sellers plays three different parts in one movie. I believe the message from the director I think was direct, but delivered in two formats. No body wins when...

excellent film

By chrisholly
there are few movies that are as excellent. not only is it filmed well, the story that is told is a pretty important one. Trying to be the strongest is usually the worst idea, especially in the...

When Bad Tech Happens To Great Films

By vloschiavo
As for the film, it's a classic. Intelligent, brilliantly directed and acted, truly prescient; HOWEVER, during the showing in Richmond, Ohio, an error message appeared on the screen and about...

Must see in your lifetine!

By bobbess
My sister(who had never seen) and I went to a Fathom Event Sunday. Small crowd, but our laughs filled the theatre. Peter Sellers and Stanley Kubrick show what geniuses can do. (TCM notes - Kubrick...

Dr. Strangelove

By rondouglas59
This is the most impressionable movie of my life! I was about 5 years old when I first saw this movie at the drive-in theater 52 years ago and it still amazes me! Peter Sellers, George C. Scott and...

That was great!!

By erholp
You really have to see Dr. Strangelove on the big screen (even though the screens used to be bigger). It was a completely different experience. I highly recommend it!...

Good movie, eh presentation

By brianweis
The movie itself was fine, I wasn't in the right mindset for it, but the presentation was really disappointing. I was expecting more commentary attached, but there was none....

Dr Strangelove

By yellowrose0texas
Very strange....

theater experiance

By mattumcp
Being a longtime Seller's fan I was born to late to see this in the theater. When I was told of it being shown in my local theater I had to see it. The movie was just like I remembered. It was...

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