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Very nicely done!

By kelhodel
Written August 28, 2015
Kids & I (6 & 7 yr boys) really enjoyed this movie. Has a great overall 'lesson' of preserving nature. A really well-done adaptation of the Lorax story. Would not have paid the cost for 3D, but definitely worth regular-movie price......nice to see on the big screen too.
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The Lorax

By maxium 2
Written April 12, 2012
The movie was great! My grandson and I went to see this yesterday and it made both of us laugh. For an adult I enjoyed it very much. This movie was very well written and it is for any age. I just loved grandma, the voice of Betty White.
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Damaging to humanity

By skatron
Written March 05, 2012
dear Illumination entertainment, next time you decide to underestimate the responsibility of accurately portraying a past artist's work, Please do not hire the television executives from trendy, 15 minute, over produced, Holly Wood main stream to direct the film. What a turd. Please don't make any more films. Thank you.
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The Lorax rulez!!

By MoobeeKritik
Written March 04, 2012
If you have kids, this movie is a must-see! My kids and their friends - ages 6 through 9 - they all LOVED the movie! And even though my husband won't admit it, I know he enjoyed it, too! It was super cute!! My kids are already waiting for it to come out on a DVD!
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we loved it!

By Faithm87
Written March 03, 2012
Went with the kids to see this. Not only did I enjoy it but my 2 yr old and 5 yr old were intrigued the whole time and loved it.
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