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By kellybeacham
Written March 10, 2012
Let me start by saying my kids really liked this movie and, as a kids movie, it was entertaining. From an adult's perspective, however... thank goodness it is only 95 minutes long. It's a LONG time to get a lecture. The movie was incredibly preachy (an entire song on "I'm not that bad" anyone?). I consider myself on the liberal side and by the end of the movie I had a headache from rolling my eyes. "Wall-E" accomplished this message a few years ago and was much more entertaining while doing it. It also didn't use much of the book as a screenplay and instead made up its own plot. Pass on paying upwards of $10 to see this in the theater, it's not worth it. Wait for the DVD. And when you do... expect a lecture.
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Saving Our Planet

By bigscreengrammy
Written August 07, 2014
Lorax was a beautifully told story about saving our planet. It was child friendly and exciting. My grands and I loved the movie. Thanks for the message.
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True to Book, and Then Some

By candist
Written August 04, 2014
This move has a great message, is kid-friendly and my three year-old remained attentive throughout the entire screening. The movie had a couple of plot holes and inexplicable story points but, all-in-all, it was true to the book and I thought it had a good level of detail for tweens and under. I'm planning on purchasing this to have in my library. :-)
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The Lorax

By nacjamol
Written March 14, 2012
This movie was an awesome movie, my 3 year old has never sat straight through a movie and she sat through the whole movie. She loved it as did my 8,10 and 13 year old. The moral of the movie was also very touching. I would definitly go see this movie again.
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More Universal Studios Than Dr. Seuss But Family Friendly.

By Alon Patterson
Written October 09, 2014
Dr. Seuss's estate entrusted its precious children's brand to Universal Studios many years ago. Since then Universal has fully exploited the opportunity it presented, even including a Seuss themed land in one of their amusement parks, mostly in hopes of cashing in on product tie-ins galore through the years. Tie-ins prompted by Seuss movies of course. The bean counters may need to re-think that strategy should the production side of the house continue making Seuss films like this one. Oh, it's a good flick overall. One that kids and adults can enjoy, provided of course the adults are OK with Seuss being politicized in order to acculturate their kids as advocates for Hollywood's causes du jour. Not that being an environmentalist is a bad thing but once you open the propaganda box, what comes next? Do you really want to pay to have your kids programmed by a corporation in kid-speak, in cartoons? Anyway, see it but you might want to talk about more than conservation afterward.
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